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DNA and RNA are two different nucleic acids found in the cells of every living organism. Both have significant roles to play in cell biology. DNA and RNA structure are similar because they both consist of long chains of nucleotide units. However, there are a few structural details that distinguish them from each other, and if you are to compare DNA and RNA, these would be the results:

RNA is single-stranded while DNA is a double-stranded helix. RNA also has uracil as its base while the DNA base is thymine. However, even with the differences in their structures, DNA and RNA have cooperating roles in the field of Cell Biology.

DNA contains the genetic information of an organism, and this information dictates how the body’s cells would construct new proteins according to the genetic code of the organism. Within the cell structure, DNA is organized into structures called chromosomes, which are duplicated during cell division.

These chromosomes would then release the genetic codes that will be transcribed and carried by the RNA (specifically the messenger RNA) to the ribosome. The ribosome will then synthesize new proteins that will help the body grow. This is the how the DNA and RNA work together in the body.

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What is DNA?

Deoxyribose Nucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid present in the cells of all living organisms. It is often referred to as the “building blocks of life,” since DNA encodes the genetic material which determines what an organism will develop into. In addition to maintaining the genetic blueprints for its parent organism, DNA also performs a number of other functions which are critical to life.

This nucleic acid was first identified in 1889, when researcher Friedrich Miescher found a substance he called “nuclein” in human cells. In the early 20th century, several researchers including Phoebus Levene and William Astbury performed additional research on nuclein, beginning to understand its components, structure, and role in life.

Each DNA molecule consists of two long strands that are wrapped around each other. Because of this, the DNA structure resembles a double spiral “staircase” or a helix.

Each rung of the DNA ladder is composed of two substances, known as bases, which lock together. All in all, there are four different types of bases, and together they create four different kinds of rungs. The exact DNA sequencing of these rungs makes up a cell’s chemical information. This DNA information is vital since it shapes the cell’s development and regulates every single detail of how a cell should work. DNA contains chemical information known as genes. These genes are individual instructions in the code that tells the body’s cells how to produce new proteins.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fact About Green Tea

Green tea has gained popularity as having an effect on weight loss. It is well known for its polyphenol and antioxidant components that may have a positive effect on cancer and aging.
Green tea may boost the weight loss process by boosting the body's exercise endurance, causing it to burn more fat to build leaner muscle. Over time, consistent servings of green tea may help maintain the desired weight levels, as it acts as a dietary aid to maintain a healthy metabolism. Since green tea does not have any known side effects, it can be enjoyed in the desired quantity on a daily basis.
1. Function
In addition to its fat-melting properties, green tea may also stop the absorption of fat from food into the body. Green tea suppresses the appetite and helps to regulate blood sugar levels, both of which are effective for weight loss.
2. Considerations
The combination of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine may give green tea its effective fat-burning and calorie-burning properties. Caffeine taken alone, or in other beverages, does not result in the same level of weight loss effectiveness as it does with green tea, however.
3. Identification
Green tea, also known as Camellia sinesis, is native to East Asia, yet it is cultivated in other parts of Asia, as well as Africa and the Middle East. Green tea is especially enjoyed in Japan, China, Thailand and India, where it is drank as a leisure tea and for medicinal benefit. Green tea is used in the traditional medicine of China and India for digestion, mental health, wound healing, as a diuretic and stimulant, and for blood sugar and temperature regulation.
4. Expert Insight
Research conducted by the Tang Center for Herbal Medical Research at the University of Chicago showed that the green tea component EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) has a positive lowering effect on levels of cholesterol, lipids and glucose in the body. The study showed that EGCG reduced the skin's fat deposits, as well as the fat stores within the abdomen. On the other hand, the research conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that green tea has an effect on the body's metabolism through its promotion of thermogenesis, or calorie burning, in the body. This, coupled with fat oxidation, makes green tea a preferred natural agent for weight loss.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fat Burner Green Tea | Green Tea Fat Burner

Fat burner green tea is widely used as an ingredient in dietary supplements. There are many uses for Green Tea such as the fact that several people drink an infusion of leaves as a health tonic.
Green Tea Fat burners are prepared with dried leaves, which are not fermented to ensure minimal oxidation while this natural product is processed. Diet supplements also include Green Tea in their formulation, because it helps in weight loss, but also prevents free radical damage, that usually occurs from pollution and sun exposure.
Apart from aiding with weight loss, this tea soothes irritated skin and is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. fat burner green tea is also rich in polyphenols, vitamins C, E and antioxidants 200 times more than vitamin alone.
Another benefit of Fat Burner Green Tea is the complementary protection to weight loss programs, since it was found that this herb prevents the absorption of fat from intestines, protecting the digestive system and preventing respiratory infections.
As an herbal extract, Green Tea Fat Burner of Chinese origin contains 50% of polyphenols, renowned antioxidants recommended to people who are following a weight loss diet.
Because this is an herbal treatment, for the more secure you can visit a health care provider to help determine the dose that works for you in your weight loss treatment.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mega Green Tea

Mega green tea has become a popular weight loss supplement in the battle of the bulge. Since studies have shown that green tea can help with weight loss a whole new industry has been created. The manufacturers of mega green tea pills realized they could harness the benefits of green tea and create mega green tea supplements, or mega green tea extract that is more concentrated than drinking a couple cups of green tea a day.
Green Tea Supplements
You’ve probably heard or read quite a few stories promoting the many health benefits of green tea. Thanks to these stories more and more medical studies are being conducted to scientifically verify the extent of the benefits from consuming green tea, because there seems to be something solid to all this hype.
Much of the research is being conducted on the catechins in green tea. These catechins are powerful antioxidants that are abundant in tea, green tea in particular. The catechin that seems to get the most attention when talking about mega green tea is EGCG, which is the most abundant catechin found in green tea.
Not surprisingly all the interest in the health benefits of green tea has made mega green tea supplements pretty popular. The idea behind mega green tea pills is to allow people to get the health benefits of drinking multiple cups of green tea a day in supplement form.
You can find mega green tea pills either caffeinated or decaffeinated and there are multiple manufacturers. Because of the mega green tea weight loss phenomenon one set of products, Mega T Green Tea (or Mega-T Green Tea), has become quite popular. These products are touted as a weight loss supplement and they have additional ingredients, besides the green tea extract, to help with weight loss.
Mega-T Green Tea Supplements
Not only can you get Mega-T green tea supplements in regular supplement form, but they also comes as a drink mix, as a gum or in supplement form with hoodia. Green tea and hoodia are believed to be a good combination when using green tea supplements for weight loss or dieting and thus the green tea diet has become quite popular.
Mega-T green tea supplements were made to be used as weight loss supplements. They have a combination of ingredients, including green tea extract of course, to help with different aspects of weight loss. These mega green tea supplements were made to help stimulate metabolism, curb the appetite and help burn belly fat.
Each Mega-T green tea pill contains 600 mg of green tea with EGCG — a catechin abundant in green tea that is thought to help with weight loss by slightly speeding up the metabolism and helping to burn fat. These mega green tea pills also contain: chromium to help with body fat, garcinia cambogia to help with food cravings and burn calories, guarana to help fight mental fatigue, and eleuthero to help increase stamina. You can find these mega green tea capsules or pills with or without caffeine.
The green tea extract and additional ingredients are meant to provide a boost when used along with a sensible diet and exercise plan.
Always remember to follow manufacturer instructions closely. And remember more isn’t always better. When taking mega green tea as a weight loss supplement taking more than the recommended dose won’t help you loose weight any faster.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Green Tea Weight Loss

How Green Tea Weight Loss work ?
Green tea weight loss has been the talk everywhere. The brew's beneficial health effects have been enticing more people to start including green tea in their daily diet. several reasons why green tea has been hailed as a natural way to lose weight can be found below.

Green tea weight loss can help cut down calories.

Compared to coffee, green tea is a more suitable drink for people who want their caffeine fix but don't want the extra calories. Drinking coffee with calorie-loaded cream and sugar wreaks havoc on your waistline. Due to this, green tea weight loss programs advise against taking coffee to help cut back on calorie intake and eventually lose weight.

green tea can slows down fat absorption and regulates glucose.

Green tea has been found to be valuable in regulating the body's glucose by slowing the rise in blood sugar, most especially after a meal. By acting as a glucose regulator, green tea prevents high insulin spikes, which leads to fat storage. Green tea also helps by slowing down the action of amylase, a certain digestive enzyme. The course involving the slowing down of amylase is essential in green tea weight loss as this helps stem the breakdown of starches or carbohydrates, which are the main causes why blood sugar levels rise after a meal. The catechins in green tea also help to suppress the passage of glucose into fat cells. The effectiveness of green tea weight loss programs are then made possible through glucose regulation and the repression of fat absorption.

Green tea can speeds up metabolism.

A study has found that green tea extract helped increase energy expenditure, or enhancement in the body's metabolism process. The researchers concluded that green tea can increase metabolism of a person as much as 4 percent. The effects were considered to be a result of the activity of major green tea components is catechin polyphenols. This substance serves to help increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis, which refers to the rate at which the body burns calories. The increase of a person's metabolic rate then causes a greater number of calories to be burned and body fat to be lowered, rendering green tea weight loss programs effective.

Green tea may help decrease the desire for food.

Animal studies done by scientists revealed that green tea can help lose up to 21 percent of body weight in rats. In the experiment, rats were injected daily with a green tea extract for seven days. The results showed that the rats lost their food cravings, which was evident in their food consumption that experienced a decrease of up to 60 percent. Researchers suggested that the reaction may have been caused by the way green tea regulates blood sugar.With all these green tea weight loss benefits, people may wonder just how much green tea they have to take. Though answers vary, it's generally considered that 3 to 5 cups of green tea day is most favorable. This amount can help burn an additional 70 calories a day.
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