Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rapid Weight Loss

Healthy Rapid Weight Loss
Healthy rapid weight loss isn't as hard to achieve as you might think. The biggest question that you probably have on your mind is "can you actually lose weight rapidly and be healthy at the same time?". The answer is ABSOLUTELY. I'm glad you're pursing a healthy method of weight loss and this will pay of for you in the long run.
to achieve weight loss rapidly, you need to understand the two basic fundamentals behind it. That is diet and exercise. Now don't be disgusted and put off by the idea of these things. the only way to achieve healthy rapid weight loss is incorporate these two concepts into your life. However let me remind you that it's how you diet and exercise that makes or breaks you. if you hate it, you won't stick to it. So let's discuss how you can enjoy it!
Dieting should not be a choir. It's not about eating low carb/low fat meals or starving your body of its needed nutrients. It's not the proper way to achieve a healthy rapid weight loss. It's about making meals that taste good! Yes they need to taste good otherwise you will fail! There are so many recipes that will help you create meals that taste amazing while still keeping the calorie count down.
the trick is just cook these healthy meals and you enjoy them to not worry about calorie counting. You want to eat 6 of these meals a day. No, not 3, 6! 6 small meals a day keeps your metabolism burning. My advice to you, being someone who has to work full time and look after a family at the same time, is cook in advance and pack it into containers. This allows you to cook in bulk and therefore saves you time later. Right so that covers the basics of dieting for healthy rapid weight loss.
The next aspect is exercise. While it isn't entirely essential for weight loss it will greatly increase how fast you lose weight if you add in some cardio every second day. Running, walking, riding, rowing and skipping are all excellent choices. Aim for 20 minutes every second day to start with.
Then keep increasing for as long as you have time for in your day. I generally cap it at 30 minutes now since I'm just trying to keep the weight off and I like to add in a weights session too. However if your only aim is weight loss, the more cardio you do the faster you'll achieve healthy rapid weight loss.
Well there you have it. This was a very general overview of how to achieve healthy rapid weight loss but it's the only way to do it. No magic pills or machines are going to help you. An effective diet that you can enjoy mixed with cardio will lead you down the pathway to success.