Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cervical Cancer

One type of cancer is a scourge for the Eve is cervical cancer or cervical cancer. This cancer is a disease of the second most common cancer worldwide are common in women over the age of 15 years.
In fact, the world's approximately 500 thousand women diagnosed with cervical cancer and an average of 270,000 deaths annually, or in other words, every two minutes a woman died of cervical cancer.
While in Asia, cervical cancer is cancer in both women suffered the most, and more than half of Asian women who have died of cervical cancer. This is equivalent to 226 thousand women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and as many as 143 thousand causes of death, or in other words every 4 minutes, a woman in Asia Pacific, died of cervical cancer.

Cause of Cervical Cancer
Generally, cervical cancer began to attack from the cervix (part of the uterus or womb) and then reach the vagina. This cancer will spread gradually if not detected early and given treatment.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fried Foods Trigger Cancer

At the bottom of this site has listed more than two years, Prof. analysis. Dr. dr. Li Peiwen (a medical doctor and expert oncologists traditional medicine of China) about why the cancer incidence in Indonesia more than China. Because the Indonesian people loved to eat fried foods, he said. From crackers, fried plantain, fried cassava, fried chicken, fried potatoes, fried rice. just gone days without eating fried food.
Hmm ... why fried food can lead to cancer?

Tareke Eden et al of the University of Stockholm, Sweden, in 2002 announced the results of research on acrylamide, a carcinogen formed in food research heated. He think, carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, cassava, yams, bananas, rice, etc. will decompose if it is fried, then react with amino acids to produce carcinogenic compounds (cancer triggers) called acrylamide. Similarly baked goods. The food was raw, boiled, or steamed not experience such reactions, so that does not produce acrylamide. If anything, levels are very small.

Research on mice shows that the acrylamide cause tumors, DNA damage, nerve damage, interfere with fertility rates, and result in miscarriage. A plate of fried potatoes are cooked at a temperature of 220 C acrylamide containing approximately 2500 micrograms. In mice, this number had caused the mutation. What if every day we eat fries, ote-ote, crackers, fried bananas, fried cassava, fried tempe, fried-fried or another?
Really? No wonder the doctors always advise us to avoid fried. So, what means we should never eat fried foods? Can it, if not too much and know tricks of foods. Because of oil however, is also needed in our body's metabolism, in the amount of not more than 5-10 ml / day (1-2 tablespoons)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Chloroplasts are organelles found in plant cells and eukaryotic algae that conduct photosynthesis.
Chloroplasts absorb sunlight and use it in conjunction with water and carbon dioxide gas to produce food for the plant.

Chloroplasts capture light energy from the sun to produce the free energy stored in ATP and NADPH through a process called photosynthesis.
Chloroplasts are one of the many unique cells in the body, and are generally considered to have originated as endosymbiotic cyanobacteria.
In this respect they are similar to mitochondria, but are found only in plants and Protista.
Both organelles are surrounded by a double celled composite membrane with an inter membrane space; both have their own DNA and are involved in energy metabolism; and both have reticulations, or many enfolding, filling their inner spaces.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Single Cell Organism

Living things is the simplest single-celled organisms. They were the first living creatures on earth, and until now still in the meet everywhere.

Cell is the smallest part of the life-support units. Living things are the simplest has only one cell, which contains all the information and processes necessary for survival and reproduction of such cells.

Cell has a thin outer wall, which can penetrate through which chemical substances. In the cell walls are jam-like fluid called the cytoplasm, which contains small structures or small organs, often called organelles, to perform specific functions. The structure is the central nucleus, which contains genes that determine cell shape and function. The rest are other structures releasing energy from food, remove the remaining substances, or protect the cells from other organisms attack.

More than 3000 million years ago, single-celled organisms first appeared in the waters of the earth. Chemical elements that make the creation of life is unknown. Now the simplest living things are classified in the Monera. There are two main groups, namely bacteria and cyanobacteria (algae green / blue algae). Its size is very small so can only be seen through a microscope with strong magnification.

Protista are single-celled organisms such as amoeba and small algae and other organisms are formed from groups of cells. There protists that eat like animals, there is a catch solar energy like plants. There are also some protists that get food through both. Many protists that have one or two tail-like structures called flagella. Protista will encourage him to move the flagellum. Some protists act as a hunter who can swallow prey. Protists divide itself by splitting into two new cells.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Drugs Rehabilitation

Are you addicted to any sort of illegal drugs? Or are you an alcohol addict? These days it is a common fact that people are getting addicted to drugs more often. And not only that with the increase in addiction of drugs the moral and physical health of the society is degenerating day by day. However, everyone is perhaps aware of the fact that when a person gets addicted to drugs it is a common factor that along with him his family and also the other people depending on him in some way or the other suffers a heavy loss. And the most alarming fact in this relation is that it is the younger generation who are getting addicted to drugs the most. And the result is the weakening of the backbone of the society.

To find the increasing number of drug addicts in the society it is noticed that the modern day lifestyle has quite a hand in it. People are becoming more and more frustrated and the most common problems in the minds of the people of the contemporary age is stress of work or depression of some sort or the other. Therefore, it is essential that when anybody is under the influence of such drug addiction the most needful thing to do to get these people back to their normal life is to go to a good drug rehabilitation center. This is perhaps the best option or the best solution to the drug problems. Therefore whenever you or any one of your friends or your near and dear ones get addicted to the evil influence of drugs then you should contact some drug rehabilitation center so that they can help you in this respect.
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