Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why am I dizzy

If you find yourself reading this and asking yourself the same question, why am I dizzy, you are certainly by no means alone. Dizziness is one of the top three reasons why patients visit their primary care provider, with headaches and back pain as the other two.

In the old days, you would receive a prescription for meclizine, generic Antivert, which does nothing to correct the ailment, and little to reduce symptoms. The drug actually makes you more dizzy and increases your likelihood of an unexpected fall, not only from dizziness, but also from decreased reaction time from the drug's CNS depressant effect.

Now we must get better ways of remedying vertigo and dizziness problems, and we do not involve drug therapies. You cannot treat these types of disorders, (successfully, anyway) with drug therapies, as drugs only minimally affect the symptoms you are feeling, and do nothing to affect the real underlying problem. A correct diagnosis must be made prior to undertaking any treatment regimen, which then must be specific to the correct diagnosis.

With respect to the dizziness, treatment must include neurologic and/or vestibular rehabilitation to have any chance of being successful. Now we must get new ways to solving dizziness problem not only drink drug's.