Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get money from Article

Do you likes to write, maybe you can turn your hobby into something profitable. There are a lot of ways to earn money from your articles today and I don’t see the point of not involving in it. Here are some ways you can benefit from your writing hobby.

Firstly, you can accumulate your article and start an article directory business. You can easily start this with an article software platform. After you article site is up and running, you can invite other authors to submit their articles into your directory. But then, how do you earn money? You do it with Google Adsense or Bidvertiser. Plus, there are affiliate programs like CJ and Amazon where you can generate a monthly income.

By combining your articles and affiliate business, you can generate some money with your hobby. You can promote other people’s product as an affiliate marketer. You can do so by posting product reviews on blogs/webs. Then, you can drive or generate traffic for those sites. Generating traffic from articles is a very good method because once the article is submitted, it will always be available until it is deleted.

Having that said, you can even use your articles and start off a blogging business. Setting up a blog is very easy. You just need your own domain and hosting and install a wordpress or Blogger platform. Then, you can select a niche to focus on what you want to discuss about. You can combine the blog with Adsense and affiliate marketing. Do you see the potential here!