Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mega Green Tea

Mega green tea has become a popular weight loss supplement in the battle of the bulge. Since studies have shown that green tea can help with weight loss a whole new industry has been created. The manufacturers of mega green tea pills realized they could harness the benefits of green tea and create mega green tea supplements, or mega green tea extract that is more concentrated than drinking a couple cups of green tea a day.
Green Tea Supplements
You’ve probably heard or read quite a few stories promoting the many health benefits of green tea. Thanks to these stories more and more medical studies are being conducted to scientifically verify the extent of the benefits from consuming green tea, because there seems to be something solid to all this hype.
Much of the research is being conducted on the catechins in green tea. These catechins are powerful antioxidants that are abundant in tea, green tea in particular. The catechin that seems to get the most attention when talking about mega green tea is EGCG, which is the most abundant catechin found in green tea.
Not surprisingly all the interest in the health benefits of green tea has made mega green tea supplements pretty popular. The idea behind mega green tea pills is to allow people to get the health benefits of drinking multiple cups of green tea a day in supplement form.
You can find mega green tea pills either caffeinated or decaffeinated and there are multiple manufacturers. Because of the mega green tea weight loss phenomenon one set of products, Mega T Green Tea (or Mega-T Green Tea), has become quite popular. These products are touted as a weight loss supplement and they have additional ingredients, besides the green tea extract, to help with weight loss.
Mega-T Green Tea Supplements
Not only can you get Mega-T green tea supplements in regular supplement form, but they also comes as a drink mix, as a gum or in supplement form with hoodia. Green tea and hoodia are believed to be a good combination when using green tea supplements for weight loss or dieting and thus the green tea diet has become quite popular.
Mega-T green tea supplements were made to be used as weight loss supplements. They have a combination of ingredients, including green tea extract of course, to help with different aspects of weight loss. These mega green tea supplements were made to help stimulate metabolism, curb the appetite and help burn belly fat.
Each Mega-T green tea pill contains 600 mg of green tea with EGCG — a catechin abundant in green tea that is thought to help with weight loss by slightly speeding up the metabolism and helping to burn fat. These mega green tea pills also contain: chromium to help with body fat, garcinia cambogia to help with food cravings and burn calories, guarana to help fight mental fatigue, and eleuthero to help increase stamina. You can find these mega green tea capsules or pills with or without caffeine.
The green tea extract and additional ingredients are meant to provide a boost when used along with a sensible diet and exercise plan.
Always remember to follow manufacturer instructions closely. And remember more isn’t always better. When taking mega green tea as a weight loss supplement taking more than the recommended dose won’t help you loose weight any faster.
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